Our company youngish to measures of existence of manufactures in dynamically developing Russian market.

Since 2004 we are engaged development and manufacture of stands for exhibiting a ceramic tile and other floor coverings and last 2 years actively we advance them in the market.

Having long-term experience in delivery and sale of a ceramic tile, idea to make the equipment for its sale, has ripened by itself. We, as anybody others, know all lacks and advantages of the special equipment presented in our market and at cooperation with collective of skilled engineers and masters we can offer a product really meeting all requirements of retail trade by a ceramic tile. Our basic distinctive feature from other manufacturers of the similar equipment are own development in this area. We consider it essentially important as it enables to create new forms and methods of representation and as consequence, to offer reliable products with a good parity of the price and quality.

At the moment we offer our equipment under the trade mark Always Ready. It means that we are always ready to cooperation, partnership, development. We make the professional equipment for those who are the professional and consequently to the full, we realize the responsibility before our partners.

In the given catalogue we are represent your attention three series stands: a series Light, Middle and a Hard.

Their basic difference from each other it:

A series Light - use of panels for gluing tiles from laminated wood chipboard without metal frames with bilateral gluing in.

A series Middle - use of the laminated panels with gluing tiles on one party.

A series Hard - are applied polished and the laminated panels in metal frames.

It is necessary to note, that in series Middle and Hard panels of a greater format, than in a series Light, namely 930x2070, against 800x1700 are used. That enables more interestingly to represent the large-format collections. Each of series has the advantages , but of any case a choice remains behind the consumer Creating these series, we used as own, more than ten years' experience in the field of sale of ceramics, and foreign development.

Main principles of their creation were:
The maximal representation of materials on minimally borrowed area.
Convenience of use to the end user: stability, in the loaded condition at dynamic loadings, a good corner of disclosing of panels, true illumination.
Fast installation and dismantle of stands by own forces of the consumer.
Opportunity of operative replacement of the out-of-date or not best-selling collections presented at the stand.
Attractive design and high quality of stands. Optimum parity of the price and quality, competitiveness.

We are always ready to give the additional information on any product which will interest you.

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